The Red Flags People Look For When Job Hunting

Job hunting is frustrating. It can become even more frustrating when you’re getting not told the truth right away. How can you watch out for these? Redditor u/Zdvj’s here to help, asking fellow Redditors "What are some job-posting red flags that scream, 'Stay away'?" Here’s what people had to say.

  • "'Fast-paced environment.' That usually means absolute chaos with no one in charge."
  • "'Salary to be discussed.' Every single job I've gone for where the salary wasn't disclosed up front in the interview was severely underpaid."
  • "'Urgently hiring multiple candidates.'"
  • "'We are a family' companies expect you to be fine with getting underpaid and doing endless overtime because, hey, they order food once in a while for the team, which is so cool..."
  • "'Startup culture' means 'a disorganized hot mess of egos.'"
  • "'Occasional overtime' means 'Just say goodbye to your family because you'll never leave the office again.'"
  • "'Entry level' and 'three to five years' experience required' don't belong in the same job posting."
  • "'Work hard, play hard': 90-hour workweeks, all time off denied, your boss will show up personally to yell at you if and when you get sick."

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Source: Reddit

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