Bumble Opening Lines That Will Spark Conversation

You can choose an opening liner that’s going to make them laugh or you can choose one that’ll get them talking about something they’re passionate about. These Bumble openers should do the trick.

  1. What should we tell our kids when they ask us how we met?
  2. Besides matching with me, when's the last time you felt inspired to make someone's day?
  3. What's your go-to appetizer, and when are we splitting it this weekend?
  4. Is your perfect Sunday more along the lines of working out and cleaning or is it by sleeping in and ordering brunch to-go?
  5. How can I be sure that you're the kind of person that will order me French fries even if I say I'm not hungry?
  6. Will you be more of a "let's cook breakfast" or "let's get brunch" type of person the morning after our date?
  7. Should I ask you how your day's going or should we skip right to the good stuff?
  8. Who gave you the right to look that good in a hat? [or point out something they're wearing in their profile]
  9. When you say you want someone to love you unconditionally, does that mean the expectation is I let you have the last pizza slice? Just want to make sure we're on the same page here.
  10. OK, let's be real: Are you selling your soul to go to the Taylor Swift concert or the Beyoncé one?

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Source: PopSugar

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