Women Confess Their Deep Down "Mom Secrets"

A mom on Reddit asked other women to share their “mom secrets” so she doesn’t “feel so bad” about herself. She confesses that she lets her five-month-old baby have a tiny sip of water, which isn’t recommended for babies until they’re six months old, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. She also co-slept with her infant and lets her sleep in her bouncer or swing, all of which other moms may judge her for.

After sharing her secrets, hundreds of other moms did the same. The biggest shared secret is about screen time, followed by food. Here’s what these moms don’t tell others that they do:

  • "My 3-year-old gets way more than an hour of screen time some days — especially if her baby sister is having a high-maintenance day."
  • "Screen time is ongoing at my place. I’m 37 weeks pregnant, and I don’t think I could do toddlering without ‘Blue's Clues.’ Survival."
  • "I don’t limit screen time and don’t want to; I feel no guilt over it at all."
  • "I don't care what my child eats. I mean, I CARE. I TRY. But it's so draining for me to fight him about food. He turned 3 in April, and you know what? He gets almost all of the important vitamins/nutrients from smoothies. I DO care about his sugar consumption. That's all."
  • "My 2-year-old had two slices of cheese and an ice cream sandwich for dinner. 🤷🏻‍♀️"
  • "My kids get Oreos or a brownie for breakfast about three to four days a week. It’s not worth the meltdown and food refusal."
  • "Both my kids slept in the bed with me when they were newborns."
  • "I don’t usually bother to put anything more than a diaper on my 1-year-old while we’re at home unless it’s cold or she’s going to bed."
  • "I rarely wash my kiddo's hair. I brush it, and she takes baths daily, but I can’t justify her screaming every night."
  • "My kids wear the same clothes for school and sleep in them two days straight. We bathe every other day, and I’m too lazy to change their clothes other than after bathing. I only brush their teeth once a day."
  • "My daughter started sipping off my coffee at 13 months. She’s 6 now. If she asks for an iced coffee when I make my own, I make her one, too."

Source: Reddit

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