Moms Confess Things They Hate Doing With Their Kids

We’ve all seen those moms at the grocery store who are smiling and shopping with their kids, who are helping and getting along with their siblings. Those of us who can barely make it through the aisles without a kid melting down because you won’t buy them a gallon of Nutella or they can’t stop fighting with their sister and you’re about to lose it don’t understand why some moms seem to actually enjoy grocery shopping with their kids.

While some moms seem to like doing just about everything with their kiddos, not all of them do. MamaMia asked real moms to confess the things they secretly hate doing with their kids and they didn’t hold back.

  • Going to playgrounds - “I don’t like taking my daughter to the playground alone as I find it really boring or I have to spend the whole time helping her on the equipment.”
  • Swimming - “I will not take the two kids swimming by myself. It makes me anxious and I start to think about all the ‘what ifs” way too much.”
  • Shopping - “I will take them grocery shopping if I really need to, but I absolutely will not take them to the mall.”
  • Waxing appointments - "I won't take them to a Brazilian waxing appointment EVER! It's enough for me and I ain't taking an audience."
  • Fancy restaurants - “I would never take them to a cafe or restaurant where it’s not a known family-friendly place. Even though my kids are relatively well-behaved when we eat out, I still wouldn’t inflict that on anyone!"
  • Waiting in line - “I try to avoid anything that involves waiting in line with my 18-month old. If we stop moving I am in trouble.”
  • The library - “Going to the library is nice alone, but not with kids when they hurl books and loudly demand ice cream.”
  • Going just about anywhere - “I have two toddlers and we don’t go out much with our kids. It’s a horrible experience for them, us and everyone around us. We don’t go out to dinner, or appointments with them. They’re a huge distraction, I don’t need the stress and people probably appreciate not having to talk over noisy kids and a nagging mom.”

Source: MamaMia

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