Signs That Mean Summer Has Started

Now that Memorial Day is behind us, some folks feel like summer has already arrived. While the season doesn’t officially kick off until June, it seems a lot of people don’t wait for the calendar to mark the beginning of the season.

According to a new survey of 2-thousand U.S. adults conducted by OnePoll for Chinet, more than half (54%), feel “very” or “extremely” excited about summer.

  • About a third (31%) are so excited, they consider summer has already started, while 50% feel it happens when the weather gets warm and 21% feel it’s when the days get longer.
  • And some people get so excited for the upcoming season, they start switching to warm-weather clothing as early as April (26%).

Food is pretty important to people in the summer, too:

  • Seven in 10 respondents say that some foods just taste better during summer, including watermelon (74%), ice cream (68%), lemonade (59%), as well as cookout staples like barbecue chicken (54%), hot dogs (54%) and corn on the cob (54%).
  • Half of those surveyed say that of all the seasons, summer has the best food.
  • Nearly a third (32%) even prefer a good hot dog over a Thanksgiving feast.
  • 40% like to take advantage of summer weather and eat outside when possible.

Source: SWNS Digital

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