Outdated Info You Can Delete From Your Resume

Keeping your resume up to date is key. That doesn’t just mean adding new jobs or responsibilities to it – it also means taking out things that are outdated. Most of us made our resumes when we were still in college, or maybe even younger. Things have likely changed since we first made our resumes. Or if we got resume advice from older generations, things have definitely changed since they first made their resumes.

Delete these things from your resume. Not only will it free up space, but it’ll also help recruiters see that you’re current, really get to see what makes you awesome, and even help avoid bias.

  1. Your home address. No one is rejecting or hiring someone via physical mail anymore. If anything, write the nearest city or metro area.
  2. The types of computers you’ve used. Most people assume you know how to work a Mac or a PC at this point.
  3. Your age, race, or religion. It’s illegal for interviewers to ask these questions, so don’t just go giving up that information.
  4. Your photo. It takes up a lot of space, and is just not necessary. The recruiter should focus on your achievements, not your looks.
  5. Your GPA. This should only be on it if you just graduated, otherwise, it’s really not relevant at all.
  6. The classes you took in college or high school. Again, if you just graduated, keep them. Otherwise, save that room for your professional experience.
  7. References. Most companies will check references eventually during the hiring process, but not right away. It’s also assumed you can provide them down the line, you don’t need to write it.

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Source: Lifehacker

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