How Many Vacation Days You Should Take to Stay Healthy

Some people plan out their vacations for the year to make sure they get to use each and every hour of their paid time off from work, but research shows that about 46% of Americans admit they don’t use all of their paid vacation time Not only are they missing out on a well-deserved perk, it turns out they’re also missing out on important mental and physical health benefits.

Studies have found that taking vacations can reduce stress, improve sleep and support heart health.

  • One recent study finds that people sleep longer when they’re on vacation, with participants snoozing an average of 21 extra minutes.
  • People are also more active on vacation, according to the study, which finds their sedentary time went down by 29 minutes during vacation.
  • Trips that last between one and two weeks offer the most benefits. Study authors say that’s long enough for someone to “settle in” to the change in how they spend their time.

But even if you can’t take a two-week getaway, research shows that how often you take a break, rather than the total vacation days you take, offers health benefits. And you don’t have to splurge on a luxury trip to get those benefits, taking any kind of break from work - even just a half day - can help your body and mind disconnect and recharge.

Source: Very Well Health

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