Women Are Including High Credit Scores on Dating Apps

With millions of singles on dating apps, users are looking for ways to make their profile stand out in the crowd. And some women have started including a surprising personal detail to grab the attention of potential matches. They’re adding their high credit score to attract more men and it seems to be working.

Shannon Groffie is one of them, she recently shared a TikTok video showing the response to her adding her 804 credit score to her Hinge profile. The video has racked up more than 1.3-million views in three days and shows the comments from guys on the app, which are nothing but positive, including “Hot,” “All I needed to see. Drinks next Thursday?” and even marriage proposals.

But she’s not the first TikToker to do this, Leah Nicewander posted a similar video a few months ago about how she added her 811 credit score to her profile, noting it got her more than 100 likes and adding, “That’s how I went on 17 dates in 30 days.” While it may be working for some women, others are begging, “No, please, we can’t start doing this, I’m doomed!” That’s coming from those whose credit scores are not nearly as impressive, like one user who comments, “Girl, if they saw my credit score I’d be blocked.”

Source: Insider

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