The Biggest Home Decor Regrets

We’ve all bought something we didn’t end up liking as well as we thought, but when it’s part of a project in your home, it’s not as easy to take back as a return at Costco. It seems a lot of folks have experienced this, as 75% of homeowners admit some of their home improvement choices in the past haven’t aged well, according to a new survey commissioned by Slickdeals and conducted by OnePoll.

As a result, just over two-thirds (69%) are embarrassed to have anyone over to their house because of their style choices. Half of the 2-thousand homeowners polled have even been judged by someone over the way their living space is decorated. That may be why 85% of respondents think their home is in “dire need” of updating and 78% have home improvement projects planned for this year.

The top 10 decor regrets are:

  • Shag carpeting - 43%
  • Conversation pits/recessed seating - 43%
  • TVs mounted above eye level - 43%
  • TVs mounted above a fireplace - 40%
  • Wood-paneled walls - 39%
  • Reclaimed wood art - 35%
  • Vinyl wall stickers - 32%
  • Lawn ornaments - 29%
  • Kitchen islands - 23%
  • Popcorn ceilings - 20%

The survey finds that people say the most “in” home improvement projects now are decorating with live flowers (57%), reclaimed wood art (54%), and crown/base moulding 52%. The most “out’ of style ones include chalkboard walls (39%), poured cement art (39%), wallpaper (38%) and framing mirrors (36%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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