9 Signs You're Ready for a Change

Change is scary, but sometimes, it’s exactly what we need. Knowing that you are ready for a change can help you embrace the change and be excited about it rather than scared. But how do we know if we’re ready for change?

With some changes, you may never be truly ready and that can be frightening. But there are some signs that show you’re ready for all the new possibilities that come with change. Here are nine signs that mean you’re more ready for a change than you think.

  1. You’re experiencing discomfort in your life.
  2. Your dreams feel too big.
  3. You feel like life is pulling you toward something or someone.
  4. You feel “stuck” in life.
  5. You’re looking for signs that it’s time to make a change.
  6. You accept that change is unavoidable in your life.
  7. You’re intent on giving yourself time.
  8. You’re prepared for negative consequences.
  9. You’re thinking of all the positive outcomes.

Source: YourTango

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