Stylists Tell Us Which Items to Ditch From Our Summer Wardrobe

Now that Memorial Day weekend is just days away, summer feels closer than ever. The warmer weather means pulling out some wardrobe items you probably haven’t worn since last year, and according to some fashion experts, you shouldn’t wear them this year either.

Stylists share the items they would get rid of from their own summer wardrobes and what to wear instead.

  • No more neon - Ultra bright shades have been in for the last few years, but this summer the trend is more “quiet luxury and elegance,” according to personal stylist Rachel Varney. She advises leaving the highlighter-neon clothes behind and leaning into richer colors.
  • Fussy silhouettes are dated - Ruffles, busy necklines and patterns aren’t big for dresses this season. Instead, fashion stylist Carly Landig recommends going with a sleek silhouette in “slinky silk or ribbed knits.”
  • Ditch the dark-wash denim - For jeans, lighter colors like ivory and white will refresh your warm-weather wardrobe.
  • Skin-tight skinnies are out - Looser pants with a wide or straight-leg cut are trendy for summer and way more comfortable to wear when it’s hot outside.
  • Trade your retro bikini for a 90s one-piece - High-waisted bikinis were popular for a while, but they’re being replaced by 90s-inspired one-pieces. Landig says the key to this swimsuit feeling “now” is a high cut on the hips to elongate the legs.
  • Upgrade your sandals and flip-flops - For summer shoes, the stylists suggest espadrilles and clogs instead of your old sandals and flip-flops.
  • Swap your legging for cargo pants - We all love the comfort of leggings, but they can look a little dated. Instead, Landig says cargo pants are back and can easily be dressed up or down.
  • Replace your black sunglasses with colorful shades - The one fashion accessory you’ll probably use the most this summer is sunglasses, so you’ll want a fresh, colorful pair to add some flair to your outfits.

Source: Insider

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