Singles Tell Us the Hardest Part of Dating Over 30

Dating can be incredible and romantic, especially when you’re young and full of hope and optimism for falling in love. But it can also be an awkward, humbling experience and that’s more common than we’d like to admit. Some of the situations singles deal with are different once you’ve out of your 20s and a Reddit thread has people sharing those.

These are the hardest parts of dating after the age of 30, according to Redditors:

  • “I've learned I prefer my own company.”
  • “Wanting to actually do things.”
  • “We’re all the walking definition of baggage.”
  • “Many women in my age range are either married, have kids, are heavily involved in their careers, or all three. The ones that aren't either have nothing (emotionally or spiritually) going for them, have mental health issues, are smart enough to stay away from dating in general, or all three.”
  • “People are more stuck in their ways, are more jaded, and have been through one or more serious relationships that hurt them.”
  • “As someone without kids and won’t date someone with kids. It’s kids.”
  • “Everyone your age is married or has a partner”
  • “The fact that all of the guys I’ve dated have already had long term relationships and are now mostly just looking for flings. I felt like I missed out on the good part and was left with scraps.”
  • “CPAP Machines”
  • “It's not all fun and games anymore. People feel late or behind. First dates often: are we compatible, do you want kids, are you OK with my kids, are you ready for a serious relationship, do you make enough money, do you own a home, politics?”
  • “You are wayyy too old for Leonardo DiCaprio
  • “Realizing that the number of single parents is larger than you’d expect”
  • “You have your preferences narrowed down a LOT more than you did in your 20s, thus finding a compatible partner is more difficult.”
  • “Many people want 'high value' partners while having no value.”
  • “Dating after 30 is like catching a city bus after midnight. There aren't as many, but they're faster.”

Source: Reddit

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