Half of People Pretend Not to See Messes So Others Will Clean Them Up

If you like to put off cleaning the house as long as possible, you’re in good company. It’s not a chore many of us actually look forward to, in fact, 90% of Americans say they get anxious cleaning their home, according to a new survey. The floors (54%), carpets (52%) and refrigerators (52%) are the sources of the most anxiety.

The poll also reveals:

  • While 84% of respondents have some kind of cleaning routine at home, two-thirds spend less than 40 minutes cleaning any given room.
  • The rooms that get the most attention include the kitchen (39%), bathroom (25%) and bedrooms (18%).
  • About three-quarters admit they’re not as thorough as they should be with cleaning, with 53% either “always” or “often” cutting corners while cleaning.
  • Some people try really hard to avoid cleaning at all, with 49% admitting they “always” or “often” pretend not to see a mess so someone else will clean it up instead.
  • People tend to neglect areas that are either too hard to reach (44%), too hard to clean (39%) or that they don’t have time to clean (38%).
  • The average person’s home only stays clean for about 12 days before it starts getting dirty again.
  • So what makes a home clean? Respondents say it only feels clean when it doesn’t have dirt particles (60%), smells sanitized (58%) and has no stains (48%).

Source: Study Finds

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