What Your Favorite Wine Reveals About Your Personality

If you enjoy sipping a glass of wine or two, you probably have your favorites, and it turns out, the kind of wine you reach for can reveal a lot about you. A new poll, conducted by OnePoll for Barefoot Wine just in time for National Wine Day on May 25th, asked 2-thousand adults who drink wine regularly about their favorite style and found some interesting personality differences among fans of red, white, rosé and bubbly.

The survey reveals:

  • On average, people have five glasses of wine a week.
  • Red wine drinkers are more likely to be introverts, while fans of sparkling wine are most likely to be outgoing extroverts.
  • At parties, fans of bubbly and red wine say they tend to be “quiet observers,” while those who like white wines say they can be found snapping photos or being the life of the party (20% each.)
  • Rosé drinkers are often the “party planners” of the group (19%), and they believe they’re the happy medium between extroverts and introverts, with 32% identifying as ambiverts.
  • Fans of white wine describe themselves as “indoor people”(38%), while red wine drinkers enjoy the great outdoors (36%).
  • Sparkling and red wine drinkers tend to live on the edge and are also more likely to get a tattoo (70% each.)
  • Those who prefer rosé and white wines tend to be night owls (33% each), while red wine drinkers are most likely to be early birds (46%).
  • When it comes to pets, people who enjoy sparkling wine (29%) and red wine (40%) are more likely to be dog people, while rosé (17%) and white wine drinkers (27%) are cat people.

Source: SWNS Digital

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