Signs You're Single and NOT Ready to Mingle

Not everyone who’s single is ready to mingle, and that’s okay! If you truly want a happy, healthy relationship with someone, you don’t want to jump into the dating game before you’re ready. So how do you know if you’re ready or not?

There are some signs to look out for in yourself that pretty much show you’re not ready for the dating scene just yet. It may take some soul-searching and some real conversations with yourself, but here are the signs you shouldn’t start dating just yet.

  1. You feel like you need someone else in your life to be happy.
  2. You’re looking for someone to fix you.
  3. You still think about your ex … a lot.
  4. You’re trying too hard to find love.
  5. You’re afraid of rejection.
  6. You’re holding onto baggage from your last relationship.

Source: YourTango

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