People Who Have Worked for Celebrities are Spilling the Tea

Working with celebs sounds so glamorous, right? Sometimes it is… and sometimes it isn’t. Members of the “Buzzfeed Community” who have worked with celebs are spilling the tea on what it was really like. Believe what you want, but here’s what these people are claiming!

  • "I worked an event where I met Drew Barrymore. When I asked for a picture with her, she agreed and then proceeded to have a heart-to-heart with me about our mutual decision to quit alcohol. It was like talking to a kind, comforting old friend. She really is just like how she is on her show — a true comforting ICON!"
  • "I worked an event for Steph Curry at his house. He came out and helped me unload MY car and helped set up just like a friend would! I've met almost a hundred very famous people, and he is the most down-to-earth guy around."
  • "I’ve worked with lots of celebs in a big southern city known for its music and film festivals. The nicest YouTuber I’ve ever met was actually Olivia Jade — she was really polite."
  • "Colin Farrell sent me a bouquet of flowers and a massage gift card for booking him tickets to multiple Broadway shows. I was an assistant at the time, and I never forgot it. A true gem!"
  • "I worked with an actor-turned-Royal on their TV show for years. They never even bothered to learn my name."
  • "A female artist who had a #1 single that week cursed me out for not letting her have the biggest dressing room since she was supposedly more important than the five-piece girl band (who had a string of #1s) who needed the space."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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