The Worst Things Adults Have Done at Kids Birthday Parties

It’s not unusual to see a kid in tears at a birthday party and we get it. There’s a lot going on, waiting is hard and watching some other child get all the attention - and presents - is definitely not easy for little ones. So there’s a certain level of bad behavior that’s expected at kids’ birthday parties … but not from the grown-ups.

These are some of the worst and most ridiculous things adults have been caught doing at a child’s birthday party.

  • “My friend saw someone relight a birthday candle from someone else’s cake so their child could blow it out.”
  • “I was once invited to a children’s birthday party six months in advance and was then uninvited because I didn’t RSVP right away.”
  • “A parent dropped off a 4-year-old and her uninvited bully sister, didn’t provide contact information, and left for two hours. I had invited the whole preschool class — I didn’t know these people. These people didn’t know us. Who does that?”
  • “In Northern VA, we attended the birthday party of a child whose invite not only included a registry link to several online stores like Amazon and Target but also a link to send a donation to the child’s charity of choice. The hosts asked you to bring your gift as well as the receipt showing the donation you made on behalf of the child in order to attach it to a poster. At the end of the party, they announced that X dollars would be donated to this charity. When we asked to have our receipts back, the parents informed everyone that their business would use the charity receipts to offset their ‘entertainment’ expense of the party for the child.”
  • “A woman threw her child’s party at Build-a-Bear. All the children got to make a bear, but at the end of the party, she made them give their creations to her child.”
  • “At my son’s 4th birthday party, I was pregnant and had an ultrasound pic on the refrigerator. One of the moms who happened to be a physician’s assistant looked at it and announced she was sure it was a girl. We hadn’t found out the sex since we wanted to be surprised. Maybe she thought it was a gender reveal party??!”
  • “First birthday party I went to as a parent, and this dad handed over a gift, dropped a kid off, and said, ‘Call me when it’s over.’”

Source: Huff Post

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