Survey Says: We're Too Tired to Be Healthy

We know we should eat better and workout more, so why aren’t more of us doing it? A new survey looks into that question and finds people are just too tired.

A poll for the World Cancer Research Fund asked 2-thousand U.K. adults what’s stopping them from leading a healthier lifestyle. When asked what’s keeping them from eating a healthier diet and exercising more often 35% (40% of women and 29% of men) claim they “feel too tired.” Slightly more (38%) blame it on “lack of motivation.” Only about a quarter of respondents (24%) say there's nothing preventing them from making healthy lifestyle changes.

Other common reasons given include:

  • The cost of food (30%)
  • Lack of time (26%)
  • work/life balance (25%)
  • The cost of exercising, like buying a gym membership or equipment (25%)
  • Lack of confidence (16%)
  • And “not knowing where to start” (12%).

The World Cancer Research Fund estimates that 40% of all cases of cancer could be avoided if people were healthier, including following a healthier diet, being active, maintaining a normal weight, not getting sunburned and not smoking.

Source: The Guardian

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