The Dumbest Mistakes People Made in Their 20s

Your 20s are all about finding yourself, figuring out who you are and what you want, and having fun, right? Well with that will come a lot of trial and error. Mistakes will be made, and that’s OK! That’s how you learn. But you can also learn from the mistakes of others, and thankfully, Redditor u/ALLEYWAYwithanS did the work for you, asking fellow Redditors what the dumbest thing they did in their 20s was. Pay attention, so you don’t make the same mistakes!

  • "I decided against contributing to my company's matching 401k. It cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars."
  • "My general lack of effort to build any good habits like exercise. Your body likes routines, and my routine of gaming for 15 hours a day was not one I should have cultivated."
  • "I assumed climbing the corporate ladder is the way to do life."
  • "I worked way too hard and burned out. Sacrificed family time. Sacrificed health. You need to pace yourself at the age of 20–30."
  • "I got married to the wrong woman. Never get married to someone who isn't sure if they love you. That person is damaged and needs space."
  • "Ran up $11k worth of credit card debt over about 18 months when I was 25–26. I didn't become debt free until I was 33 and never had an excellent credit score until 36."
  • "I dated the wrong people for access to sex. I knew at the time they were problematic, and it led me on a path of a lot of trauma and having the wrong view of the world. That took a while to dig out of."

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Source: Reddit

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