Life-Changing Hacks Parents Learned From Their Kids

We love a good life hack, because it’s just so satisfying to learn a super easy way to do something you never would have figured out on your own. Scrolling through social media you’re bound to find some helpful hacks, and you can learn some just from being a parent.

BuzzFeed asked readers to share life hacks they’ve learned from having kids and have applied to their own adult lives. These are some of the most helpful tips and tricks:

  • “Always pack a snack and water. I never did this pre-kids and would always get hungry between meals or wouldn’t have water when I was thirsty.”
  • “When dealing with indecisive people, give them a few options you’re okay with instead of simply asking what they want. For example, instead of asking what vegetable they want, say, ‘We have green beans, peas or carrots. Which do you want with dinner?’”
  • “Have a pack of wet wipes in your bathroom at home and a to-go pack in your bag. So happy my kid taught me to carry a pack always.”
  • “Make doing chores fun by making it a game. For example, play music and challenge yourself to get one task done before the song ends. It keeps me focused and I get stuff done so much faster.”
  • “Hiding veggies in food works just as well on adults as it does on kids. You can hide extra vegetables in so many foods - pasta, sauces, desserts, fried goodies. My chocolate pudding is 85% avocado now.”
  • “Communicating with difficult people is a lot like communicating with a kid. And the same rules apply to both. Don’t argue with their one-sided logic, be clear and to the point, hold boundaries and of course, offer a snack in a tense situation.”
  • “Make your lunch and lay out your clothes the night before. Set yourself up for success in the morning before you go to bed.”
  • “Don’t overschedule yourself. Doing too much just makes everyone tired and hungry, adults included.”

Source: BuzzFeed

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