Things People Say When They're REALLY Into You

Not sure if they’re into you or not? If they’re really into you, there are some phrases and things they’ll be saying to you. Maybe not right away, but 3-6 months in, they should be saying these phrases if they’re feeling you. If they’re not, you may want to say, “Thank you, next.”

So which phrases should you be hearing? Here are some of them.

  1. I adore you.
  2. You inspire me.
  3. I just love kissing you.
  4. I don’t want to change you.
  5. You’re on my mind.
  6. I forgive you.
  7. I love you.
  8. I can’t stop talking about you.
  9. I see my future with you.
  10. Thank you.

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Source: YourTango

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