Science-Backed Reasons You Should Really Take a Lunch Break

When was the last time you took a real, lengthy, leisurely lunch break? If you can’t remember, it’s been too long, and you’re not alone in that. According to a 2022 survey, 40% of people only rarely or occasionally take breaks during the work day.

We get it, that time CAN be used to work, but eating lunch away from your desk comes with benefits for both physical and mental health. This is why you should make time for a daily lunch break, away from your desk.

  • It can improve digestion - Any type of stress - including eating in front of your computer - can have a negative impact on digestion, according to registered dietitian nutritionist Kim Kulp. “If you don’t take a calming break for lunch, you may not digest your meal well, which could lead to stomach pain or bloating,” she explains.
  • It could help you avoid the afternoon slump - If you’re regularly hit with afternoon fatigue, taking a lunch break could help keep energy levels steadier in the later part of the day. “During digestion, the gut releases neurotransmitters that talk to the brain and can affect mood,” Kulp explains. “Having a more relaxing lunch can lead to feeling happier and more energized.”
  • It can boost productivity - Believe it or not, spending time away from work can help you get more work done. Harvard Business Review finds that North American employees who take daily lunch breaks report greater job satisfaction, productivity and higher engagement with their work.
  • It’s a chance to get moving - You can use your lunch break for a little physical activity and research shows that just 15 minutes of walking after eating can stabilize blood sugar.
  • It could bring down your overall stress levels - Staying at your desk and working all day doesn’t help with stress, but taking a break does. Think of making time for yourself at work as self-care and the pause in the work day as stress-relief you deserve.

Source: Mind Body Green

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