Current and Former Influencers ShareWhat It's Like

If your dream’s to be an influencer… you may want to read this first. Current and former influencers are spilling their secrets and stories, showing us all what’s really like to be an influencer – the good, the bad, and the in-between.

  • "I'm an influencer who lives in a pretty old apartment that hasn't been updated in years. My kitchen doesn't have fancy marble countertops, new cabinets, or even matching appliances. When I have to promote kitchen products, I finesse the entire thing by shooting on a desk and laying a marble print poster on top to look like I have nice countertops."
  • "A friend of mine was a fairly popular influencer, and I eventually had to stop seeing her. Any time we would go out for a drink, lunch, dinner, or anything, it would be about her taking a billion photos. I couldn't stand it. I would sit there and watch as she took the same selfie with a drink 500 times then would switch angles."
  • "I worked as an 'influencer' and was hired by a pretty major media brand. A lot of it was sales — I would cold call and network. After selling a brand on a marketing package, I would create content and advertise it through the bigger media brand. It was fun."
  • "A person I know became a mom influencer…And she wasn't even a mom...It's just wild."
  • "[The influencer I used to work for] hires a lot of family to work for her but pays them less than she paid me. I got $13/hr, so go figure. One of her family members couldn't make ends meet, so he eventually had to start driving Uber on the side. Meanwhile, she buys herself an excess of Gucci, get the picture."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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