Viral "3 Drink Theory"

A drink theory has taken over TikTok and has been branded the ultimate beverage trifecta. It all started back in 2021, when Sophia Wilson Pelton, a comedian, cafe worker, writer and model, tweeted a thought that took on a life of its own, turning into an Internet phenomenon. It’s been coined the three-drink theory, which is the idea that everyone should enjoy three drinks at once, with each one serving a different purpose.

“To me, the height of luxury is drinking three liquids at once,” wrote Wilson Pelton. “One for hydration, one for energy, and one for fun (ex: water, matcha, spindrift.)” They then recreated the tweet in TikTok form, adding that with those three drinks in front of them, “I just feel like I have it all … It’s like caffeinate, alleviate, hydrate.”

Lots of other TikTokers agree with the creator, with many sharing their own experiences with their “emotional support beverages.”

  • ‘Caffeinate, alleviate, hydrate is the new live, laugh, love,” writes one.
  • Since then, Wilson Pelton’s words have inspired others to share their support of the three drink theory and the sound from their original video has been used 12-thousand times in other TikToks.
  • One video that uses Wilson Pelton’s voice has nearly 8-million views, and shows a trifecta of a smoothie, cucumber water and a coffee.
  • Others have posted videos of them showing off their desk drink trio of coffee, water and Coca-Cola, or taking a video at a restaurant with a mimosa, a water and a Coke, or while studying in the library with tea, water and a Starbucks drink.
  • “For a long time, I don’t think I was fully aware of how viral it really was,” Wilson Pelton says. “I would say that I created an Internet meme at this point. It no longer belongs to me, it belongs to the Internet.”

Source: Today

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