Not-So-Obvious Signs They Probably Still Have Feelings For You

Break-ups happen for all kinds of reasons. Feelings don’t just go away when you break up. Even if the relationship is over, they can still have feelings for you, or vice versa.

You may never know for sure, but there are some not-so-obvious signs that they still have feelings for you. If you still have feelings for them, you’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for these signs.

  1. Mutual friends keep saying that they won’t stop talking about missing you.
  2. They’ve earned a reputation for talking about how much they hate you.
  3. You keep getting drunk dials from them.
  4. You can’t help but get that feeling that they (or their friends) are keeping tabs on you.
  5. They’ve been going hot and cold.
  6. You find out that they keep in contact with your friends and family.
  7. When it comes to you, their emotions are in overdrive.
  8. They come up with excuses to keep themselves relevant to you or to talk to you.
  9. People have been trying to get you to talk to them.
  10. You notice that they still wear the clothes you gave them.

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Source: YourTango

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