Married People Confess Shocking Secrets They’re Keeping From Spouse

Are you hiding something from your spouse? A lot of people are, but they’re confessing anonymously online. BuzzFeed asked married people to share the juiciest secrets they’re keeping from their spouse and they did not hold back.

These are some of the most shocking secrets:

  • "I've slept with all three of my wife's sisters multiple times, and she doesn't know about it yet. I also have a secret child with her oldest sister. She'd kill me if she even heard a rumor about it."
  • "A while ago, things got so bad finance-wise that we couldn't pay the bills for a month. My parents couldn't help us, so I became a cam model. I earned over $100 in less than an hour, and it paid for our food that month."
  • "The perfume I got my wife...I got it for her because it smells like my ex. For the record, it's because it smells awesome, but she wouldn't be down with that explanation."
  • "I made out with my husband's older brother and sister while he was in the other room. I'll never tell him what happened."
  • "My partner found a card in my car for a proposal to marry me...or so she thought. The card was actually meant for another woman I've also been dating for three years."
  • "I've never told my husband that I absolutely HATE the three kids he has from his previous marriage."
  • "I've been married and divorced before, but my current husband thinks this is my first marriage. My first marriage occurred when I was young, and it only lasted about two years. I even lied on my new marriage certificate. I will take this one to the grave."
  • "My husband thinks I finished my bachelor's degree. I didn't. I dropped out and faked it for the last semester. That was five years ago, and now we're married. I still haven't told him the truth."
  • "I went through a six-month period of shoplifting. My husband would NOT be okay with that information, and I'll never tell him."

Source: BuzzFeed

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