What To Do When You Don't Like Your Partner's Friends

We may really like the person we’re dating… but we don’t always like their friends. Sometimes it’s a genuine not clicking and other times, it’s an awkwardness you feel as an outsider. So what should you do?

  1. Start by looking within. Figure out why you don’t like them. Once you know it, you can start to work through it.
  2. Sit down and talk with your partner. You really should let them know but be careful with the conversation. Don’t sound accusatory and have examples of things the friends did that you didn’t like.
  3. Talk to the friend(s) about it. If you do want to talk directly to your partner’s friend, make sure you first talk to your partner. Again, don’t be accusatory.
  4. Understand their place in your partner’s life. Every friend plays a part in someone’s life. Knowing what role they play in your partner’s life can help you better understand things.
  5. Set boundaries, not ultimatums. You don’t always need to hang out with their friends but don’t make them choose between you or them.
  6. Try to get to know their friends better. Join in on conversations they have, ask questions, and make an effort to get to really know them.
  7. Spend time with your own friends. If you’ve tried to get along with them and it didn’t work, have nights with your friends when your partner’s out with theirs.

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Source: Glam

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