Habits That People Who Stand Out In A Crowd Have

You know those people that just stand out in a crowd, the ones that always capture your eye? There’s just something about them, isn’t there? It makes you want to be them or at the very least their friend. 

How can you become someone who stands out in a crowd? These people all share some of the same habits that you can adapt. Here are five rare habits that they all have.

  1. They embrace their quirks. Most people try and hide their quirks, these people embrace the “weird” and own it.
  2. They ask interesting questions. Don’t just ask the usual small talk questions. Get interesting. Ask questions others may not think to ask, like “What’s a movie that had a significant impact on your life?”
  3. They have a knack for finding hidden gems. These people are the ones who find the new restaurants, the coolest boutiques, or the best hiking trails. Look for the undiscovered, underrated, or overlooked.
  4. They give back. Instead of just focusing on their own success and happiness, they take time to give back to other people, society, and their community through volunteering or making donations.
  5. They are silver-lining seekers. They approach obstacles with hope and optimism instead of negativity. There’s a “can-do” attitude and a sense of resilience, emotional maturity, and self-awareness.

Source: YourTango

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