People Share The Jobs They Make Bank At, Without A College Degree

Go to college, get a degree, get a well-paying job. That’s the thought process for many –at least it was. People without a degree are taking to Reddit and to Buzzfeed to share the jobs that they make bank at.

  • "Test Engineer or QA Engineer. Some companies 'require' a STEM degree, but many do not. I personally do not have a degree; in fact, I have a GED. I make $120k and have no formal certificates or anything. Just hard work and willingness to learn!"
  • "Surgical technician. You’re the person who gets the operating room ready with all the equipment and instruments before surgery. You can earn in the high five, sometimes six figures."
  • "Garbage collection. My cousin makes $40 an hour doing that and gets one Friday off a month paid extra on top of vacation. He finished 11th grade and then got his GED later in life."
  • "I'm a sleep technologist. I went to community college for two years and took a certification test. I get paid up to $50 per hour, and work three times a week, mainly night shifts."
  • "I'm a loan officer. You will need a license, but the average loan officer makes $150k a year, and there isn’t a cap on what you can make."
  • "You can get hired for IT help desk jobs without a college degree. You'll start at $50k or $60k plus benefits and have a runway to grow into a $150k+ job if you develop the skills."
  • "I am an auto mechanic. If you get into the right shop, you can make over $100k per year. You have to work hard and smart. My brother has a master's degree, and we make about the same."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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