Amateur Dating Mistakes You Should Avoid When Newly Single

Dating is hard. If you’re newly single, it’s even more difficult. You’re in a fragile place! You want to get back out there, but you may not fully be ready or confident yet. And that’s OK!

But if you do want to start dating again, there are some common amateur dating mistakes newly single men and women tend to make. You’ll be smart to avoid them, so don’t do these 10 things.

  1. Swearing you’ll never date again.
  2. Not giving yourself time to recover.
  3. Getting stuck with the rebound guy or girl.
  4. Casually hooking up when you really want more.
  5. The breakup to make-up game.
  6. Lowering your standards.
  7. Coming on too strong.
  8. Stressing out over being alone.
  9. Not using the breakup as a learning experience.
  10. Not focusing on yourself enough.

Source: Bolde

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