Lay’s Introduces Three New Sandwich-Inspired Potato Chip Flavors

Why eat potato chips with your sandwich when you can get all of that flavor from just the chips? The folks at Lay’s obviously wondered the same thing, and now they’ve introduced three new sandwich-inspired potato chip flavors. 

  • Lay’s BLT Sandwich combines the flavors of smoky bacon and tomato in a savory, crisp spin on one of America’s most beloved sandwiches.
  • Lay’s Wavy Cuban Sandwich combines the traditional flavors of pork and cheddar cheese in a fresh take on a classic sandwich.
  • Baked Lay’s Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is the first limited-time offering ever for Baked Lay’s and delivers flavors of cheese and zesty buffalo sauce. 

The three new sandwich flavors are available nationwide, but only for a limited time. 

SourceChew Boom

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