Women are Calling Out “Fake Nice” Behaviors

Being kind is a wonderful thing, but when someone seems a little TOO nice, it can actually be a red flag. A post in Reddit’s Ask Women section has people calling out these “fake nice” behaviors. It asks, “What behaviors or traits does a seemingly ‘nice’ person display that actually shows they have ill intentions?”

These women didn’t hold back on these “fake nice” actions that get an immediate side-eye:

  • "Talking loudly and incessantly about how 'nice' they are. I've found that actually nice people almost never do this."
  • "When another woman calls me 'babe' or 'girlie' or anything along those lines, it's a red flag."
  • "This can be hard to spot sometimes due to perspective, but when someone is only nice to you because they find you attractive and treat other people they do not find attractive like total garbage."
  • "Constant flattery is a big red flag to me. It’s one thing to compliment someone on occasion. But when it’s constant it seems insincere and like there are ulterior motives."
  • "Wanting to know why you don't have kids, or aren't religious or whatever job you have to criticize you later."
  • "When they use a high pitched (fake kindness) voice when asking questions about my life."
  • "They make you feel like you're the greatest every time they see you. But they would never contact you."
  • "Love bombing. They seem so friendly and genuine but beware! Have never met a love bomber that wasn’t toxic/a narcissist."
  • "Agreeing with everything you say, and all your opinions — seems insincere."
  • "Backhanded compliments. For example: 'Oh, you were better at that than I thought you would be.'"
  • "When they are so supportive and consoling when something bad happens to you, but when you are doing well and something great happens, they aren’t around or show you the same attention. Sometimes it seems like they thrive when you are doing worse than them."
  • "People buying things for me 'just because,' all within a short period of time. The people I know who have done this are usually hustling."

Source: Reddit/Ask Women

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