Relationship Expert Shares 10 Signs They're Cheating On You With A Coworker

They’re working late hours at the office. They seem more distant than usual. They’ve started working weekends. They’re lots of different things that can lead to you thinking the worst – that your partner’s cheating on you with someone in the office. How do you know if they are or if you’re overreacting?

Psychotherapist and author Toby Ingham is here to help, sharing the ten signs that mean yes, your partner may be cheating on you with a colleague at their work.

  1. You’re no longer invited to work socials.
  2. They are late home from work.
  3. There’s a change in their appearance.
  4. They’ve become protective over technology.
  5. There’s a sudden enthusiasm or interest in work.
  6. They mention someone a lot or keep quiet about them.
  7. They get defensive.
  8. They interact outside of working hours.
  9. There’s a change in their working patterns.
  10. There’s a change in their interests.

Source: Daily Mail UK

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