Hacks For People Who Look Awkward In Photos

Scrolling through social media can lead you to believe that everyone is a natural in front of the camera, but the truth is posing in photos really doesn’t come naturally to many. A lot of us feel awkward while taking pictures and Christine Buzan gets it. The TikToker and self-proclaimed posing expert understands and knows how to help overcome that, which is part of the reason she has a following of 1.5-million on TikTok, where she goes by @lookgoodinphotos.

Buzan frequently shares posing tips with viewers, including hacks for specific settings like at a cafe or a family gathering. After this week’s Met Gala, she shared a series of videos where she breaks down celebrities’ poses on the red carpet.

  • In the first video inspired by the Met Gala, Buzan analyzes singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers at the event and offers a tip that “will instantly make your photos look better. According to the posing expert, people often strike a pose and hold it, but the longer they stay in one pose, the more stiff and awkward they tend to look. So instead of just standing there, Buzan recommends making slight adjustments to your shoulders and head between shots, like Bridgers does in the clip from the red carpet.
  • In another video of the series, Buzan explains how Jennifer Lopez directs her photographer at the event. “Basically, she’s asking the photographer to go from a lower angle, and then to tilt the camera upwards so it’s looking at her from a lower angle going up,” she says, adding that that lower angle will make her look taller and longer.
  • The posing expert also talks about how to update the old “teapot” pose and make it look more chic. In another video, Buzan points out that celebs like Anne HathawayDoja Cat and Sydney Sweeney don’t just grab their waist, they casually place their hands on the side of their hip, which looks more sleek.

Source: Insider

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