Strawberry Frosty Returns To Wendy’s For Summer

Things are cooling off and heating up at Wendy’s this summer. The chain has announced that the fan-favorite Strawberry Frosty is making a comeback and you don’t have to wait to get one, it’s available as of yesterday.

The frozen berry dessert will be replacing the Vanilla Frosty for a limited time, but the Chocolate Frosty isn’t going anywhere. The strawberry flavor was first introduced last year and it was such a success, Wendy’s felt it deserved a return on summer menus.

To go with that cool treat, they’re adding two new extremely spicy items: a Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken Sandwich and Ghost Pepper Fries. Both of these items are made with one of the spiciest peppers on Earth and they’re also available now. The Ghost Pepper Fries are coated in a spicy fry sauce, while the sandwich is made with Wendy’s Spicy Chicken and three ghost pepper-infused items: American cheese, seasoned crispy onions and ghost pepper ranch sauce, for a total of four layers of flaming-hot heat.

Source: Today

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