First Date Ideas That Are Fun, Not Awkward

First dates can be the beautiful start of something new… or they can be so awkward it’s the start and end of something all in one. You don’t want the latter to happen! That’s why it’s important to create a fun first date, to limit the awkwardness and bring in the laughs and smiles as much as possible.

So what types of first dates should you be planning? To help you out, these first date ideas are more fun, and leave less room for things to get awkward.

  1. Attend a concert
  2. Tour food trucks
  3. Volunteer together
  4. Tour a brewery
  5. Go ax throwing
  6. Visit a comedy club
  7. Join a trivia night
  8. Spend a day (or night) at the museum
  9. Play bocce ball
  10. Attend a sporting event

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Source: PureWow

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