Woman Say Guys With A “J Name” Are Worst To Date

Have you heard of the “J-name theory?” It’s the idea that if a guy’s name begins with the letter J, it’s an automatic red flag and your love would be doomed from the start. According to Urban Dictionary, “any guy whose name starts with J is complete crap and you shouldn’t date them.”

It may sound ridiculous, but some superstitious singles really believe the J name theory and it has millions of supporters online, especially on TikTok, where the hashtag #JName[s] is trending and videos encourage women to run from fellas with J names. “Never again,” one TikTok user recently shared. Another advises her followers to “run fast” away from the Js.

Vlogger Kenzie Elizabeth helped the theory’s popularity when she declared, “The worst guys that I’ve dated had J names,” during a November 2022 episode of the “I Love You So Much” podcast. She insisted that men whose names start with J simply can’t be trusted and apparently a lot of ladies out there agree with her. If you believe the social media commentary, guys with names that begin with J are cheaters, womanizers, untrustworthy, toxic, in need of therapy and will break your heart.

  • In response to the J name theory, some dudes with J names are defending themselves in response all those #JNames clips.
  • “I’m a J and I get judged, but I’m kind, I help my parents, I play sports and I have good grades in school,” one J-named guy shares on TikTok. “So just leave J’s alone.”

Source: NY Post

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