Laundry Hacks To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Feel like you’re constantly doing laundry? You’re not the only one! But a fashion and cleaning expert is sharing her top tips for making your clothes last longer and the best part? They’ll have you washing fewer loads every week.

According to Shavonne, these are the three steps you should take to help your clothing stay looking good for longer.

  • Turn your clothes inside out - Before you throw your clothes into the washing machine, she says this is the essential move you need to make. Turning clothes inside out, especially jeans and items with printed designs, will help keep the fibers stronger, Shavonne explains.
  • Wash less - This step is music to our ears and she says you can get two to four wears out of most shirts and pants. Of course, if your clothing gets really dirty or sweaty, go ahead and wash it after one wear. She also recommends hanging laundry up to dry rather than using a dryer, which gives you the added bonus of saving a little on your electric bill as well.
  • Buy higher quality clothes - Better quality means better material and stitching, so it can hold up longer than fast fashion items that may fade, stretch and not wear well over time. Shavonne is a big fan of shopping at thrift stores so she can afford higher quality clothing that will last longer.

Source: The Sun

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