How To Make A Dating Apps Strategy

The whole point of dating apps is to eventually get a date with someone you see as a potential match – whether that be a long-term match or a short-term match. But as anyone who’s been on an app knows, that’s easier said than done. A big reason for this? Daters taking to apps don’t have a strategy for it.

Having a strategy when it comes to dating apps means you’re more likely to follow through with that plan and make it to the final step. So how can you make a dating app strategy to make sure you actually get on that date?

  1. Be honest about your expectations in advance. Don’t lie on your profile and make sure your expectations are clear. If you want a relationship, say that. If you want a fling, say that. Be clear and truthful about your preferences and hobbies, too. By doing this, you are weeding out anyone who’s not a good match or who doesn’t want the same things as you do from the get-go and you’re not wasting your time.
  2. Set your intentions. Give yourself a timeline. Allot some time for each step of dating, and after that, if you’re still interested in them, take things to the next level. For example, text for a week, and after that week’s up, see if they’re interested in talking on the phone or FaceTiming. Do that for a few days to a week and then see if they’re interested in meeting IRL.

Source: Glam

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