Surprising Food Items Left In Ubers

Passengers leave things behind in their Uber all the time and a new report reveals the most commonly forgotten items. Uber’s annual Lost & Found Index shares the most commonly forgotten items from April 2022 to April 2023 are clothing, phones, backpacks and purses, wallets and headphones, all things you’d expect people to forget often.

  • The report also shares the most “unique” items left behind in Ubers, with a Danny DeVito Christmas ornament topping that list.
  • It also names the most forgetful cities, with Jacksonville, Florida, coming in first, followed by San Antonio, Texas, and Palm Springs, California.
  • Surprising items left in Ubers this year also include dentures and false teeth, which happened 40 times, as well as bags of weed and sex toys.

But among the abandoned items, the edibles left in Ubers are some of the most unexpected. The top 20 foods left in Ubers are:

  1. A crab
  2. Saltine crackers
  3. Packet of honey
  4. Chicken fettuccine alfredo
  5. Leftovers from dinner
  6. Charcuterie board
  7. 4 jars of alfredo sauce
  8. Roma tomatoes
  9. Calculator and tacos
  10. 24 fresh organic eggs
  11. 6 cheesecakes
  12. Fresh pack of Newport 100s and a 42-oz. bottle of Olde English 800
  13. Package of beef jerky
  14. Frying pan
  15. Chicken wings
  16. Instant Pot and griddle
  17. 6 packages of frozen fries
  18. 10 lbs. of sugar
  19. A pack of meat and a pack of lobster
  20. Apples, yogurt drink, expensive bacon, onion, mints, candy bar

Source: The Takeout

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