The Biggest Online Dating Trends

Online dating comes with it’s own set of challenges. Sometimes, it can get really ugly. The good thing when it comes to online dating is that you can be on the lookout for red flags, which means you can stop things with someone before even meeting them IRL. So what are these red flags? The “Buzzfeed Community” are sharing their biggest online dating red flags that you should be looking out for.

  • "Asking/hinting at nudes. Absolutely not. Let's meet first and form a connection. It makes me think that all they want is some sort of sexual pleasure from me even when I make it very clear I'm not looking for that."
  • "Complaining about being on dating apps. I sympathize as I don't like them either, but when it's on the profile, they're usually jaded enough that they have unreasonable expectations from you. 'Nobody wants to talk' means 'I want your attention at all times and will get mad if you put your phone down.'"
  • "When their bio doesn't match their about me. For example, I've seen some guys put, like, 5'10" on their about me, but then in their bio, it says 6'2". Like, how tall are you?!?!?"
  • "Big lists of what they *don't* want in a partner with no indication of (a) what they *do* want or (b) what they personally are like."
  • "Only group pics" or "pictures that look like they're all from one day."
  • “Any personal information (height, job, etc.) followed by 'since it apparently matters.'"
  • "When they have their Snapchat/Instagram in their bio."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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