How To Deal With Your Partner's Ex

Relationships can be messy, especially when there’s a salty ex involved. Sometimes you never have to deal with your partner’s ex, but other times you do. It may feel good engage in their toxicity, but it’ll just cause more problems.

“Firstly, your partner may feel as though you are making things harder for them, since dealing with their ex may already be difficult,” sex and relationship therapist Rhian Kivits explains, adding, “you may waste precious time talking about the gripes you have about your partner’s ex which can feel negative and distract you from your own relationship.”

So how can you navigate this?

  1. Communicate with your partner. Ask them what role they want you to take with their ex – if they even want any communication between you two. Be on the same page.
  2. Walk away from the drama. If the ex tries to suck you into drama, walk away. Don’t escalate it.
  3. Stay off socials. Don’t air dirty laundry or complain about the ex on social media. It’s awkward, juvenile, and will come back to hurt you.

Source: Metro UK

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