Things Meant For Kids That Adults Admit To Enjoying

Yeah, there are lots of things that are meant for kids, but adults can enjoy them too. We’re all kids at heart, right? Reddit user iStoleurvalor thought so and recently asked fellow adults of Reddit, “What is ‘for kids’ that you continue to thoroughly enjoy as an adult?”…you may just start enjoying some of these things again, too.

  • "Playing with LEGO bricks."
  • "Animated movies in general. I can still enjoy them. When I've had a rough day or if I'm just feeling down, I can put on something wholesome, funny, or nostalgic, and it makes me feel better."
  • "Goldfish. It's hard to resist when my niece is having them for a snack. I make a big show about me being a shark and eating them just so I can have some."
  • "Naps. The older we get, the better they are!"
  • "Chocolate chip pancakes. I was given grief by some in my family for getting them instead of more 'adult' options, like blueberry or regular pancakes — but why would I not want chocolate chip?"
  • "Laughing at farts, mine or otherwise. Also, my girlfriend has some pipes and belches like a champ. I never fail to laugh."
  • "Ice cream trucks. Why I gotta stand with kids to get a Sonic ice cream with gumball eyes?"
  • "I have lots of adult coloring books with intricate details, but I prefer the toddler giant open-space coloring books that I now get to share with my kid. Way better! Also, crayons are better than colored pencils."

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Source: Reddit

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