These Are the Worst Habits That Are Draining Your Energy Levels

Do you find yourself yawning at your desk every afternoon or hitting snooze more times than you can count? Lots of us are and it leaves us wondering what we can do to improve our energy levels. Doctors say being a more energetic person may have less to do with what you eat and drink and more to do with seemingly harmless habits that are draining our energy.

The worst habit for energy levels? According to Dr. Mary Valvano, it’s eating your biggest meal at the end of the day. She explains that our bodies metabolize food differently at different times of day and eating a meal late, especially late at night, can disrupt our sleep and make it harder to get quality rest. Without enough good sleep, especially deep sleep, our energy may be drained the next day, but by eating more earlier in the day instead, you may feel more energetic throughout the day.

But that’s not the only habit that could be zapping your energy, these habits could be to blame as well:

  • Energy drinks - Studies show that these can cause inflammation, increase blood pressure and are bad for the heart and brain health. Stick with caffeine from coffee and tea to get an energy boost safely.
  • Sedentary lifestyle - Regular exercise can improve energy levels by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the brain and muscles, Dr. Danielle Kelvas explains. And if you’re not getting it, that could be adding to low energy levels.
  • A diet high in sugar and processed foods - These can cause energy crashes, but a diet full of whole, unprocessed foods can provide sustained energy throughout the day.
  • Chronic stress - Fatigue is a side effect of stress, but stress-management techniques like meditation and yoga can help lower stress levels and improve energy.

Source: Huff Post

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