Romantic Third Date Ideas

The first two dates you’re getting to know someone. By the third date, the ice has been broken and you probably already know if the chemistry’s there. This makes third dates super exciting because if you reached this part, you’ve likely seen some potential. But it’s also nerve-wracking, as you still want to make a good impression.

So, what should you do on your third date? Here are some third-date ideas that are sure to impress.

  1. Explore chocolate tasting
  2. Visit a winery
  3. Enroll in a cooking class
  4. Visit a comedy club
  5. Visit a theme park
  6. Take a salsa class
  7. Organize a sunset beach picnic
  8. Visit a museum together
  9. Go hiking together
  10. Volunteer at an animal shelter

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Source: Pinkvilla

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