The Things You Start To Dislike More As You Get Older

Tastes change as you get older. Your perspective changes, too. This all means that things you used to like you may no longer like. That’s part of life! Redditor kendrickislife asked about this, writing “What are you starting to dislike more as you get older?” and you may relate to some of these. 

  • "When they rearrange the grocery store."
  • "Anything that takes place outside my house."
  • "The idea of needing to 'hustle' to have a decent life."
  • "Facebook. It can go burn now for all I care."
  • "The expectation of being contactable 24/7."
  • "Oddly enough, music. Not all music, but music with vocals. I’d say about 80% of the music I listen to now is just instrumental or very light on vocals."
  • "Chocolate. Breaks my heart to say it, chocolate and I have been great friends for over 30 years, but as I get older I prefer savory flavors more."
  • "Young people."
  • "Politics, because it becomes more and more clear as you become an adult that the government is not for the people. It's for the wealth of the few."
  • "Alcohol."
  • "Memories of myself. I remember things I've done and sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach with shame, or sometimes I remember cool things I've done and it makes me sad that I'm not still doing those cool things."

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Source: Reddit

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