Less Than Half Of Our Vacations Live Up To Expectations

Most of us don’t get as much time off from work as we’d like, so we really look forward to our vacations when they roll around. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out as planned and that can lead to disappointment. So many people experience this that less than half of American travelers’ feel their getaway was as good as they expected, according to a new survey.

It asked 2-thousand American adults who have traveled internationally during the last five years about their experience and found only 45% say their trip lived up to or exceeded the ideal getaway they envisioned.

  • Social media is to blame for at least part of that, as 72% of respondents say that it adds to unrealistic expectations for travel.
  • But 67% take responsibility, admitting their own planning has led to their disappointment while traveling.
  • About a third (31%) say the fact that the destination didn’t meet expectations affected their whole trip.
  • But 51% were able to get over their initial disappointment and enjoy their getaway.
  • Travelers were still happy if they got to do what they set out to do on vacation, including seeing and experiencing new things (40%), creating memories (40%) and escaping their daily routine (37%).

Source: Study Finds

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