Dermatologist Warns Not To Try TikTok’s Beef Tallow Skincare Hack

If you’re looking for the latest thing in skincare, TikTok is bound to have it. BeautyTok is full of hacks, products and how-tos, but that doesn’t mean all of them are worth trying. Like the new trend some users swear by - slathering their skin with beef tallow - otherwise known as beef fat.

TikTokers are swapping their usual skincare products for tallow, which is typically used in cooking, along with candle- and soap-making. Fans of the fat claim it gives them a glowing complexion and helps with everything from acne to dryness to dullness. The hashtag #beeftallowskincare has more than 11-million views on the app, so a lot of people are paying attention.

  • Julia Yak, a self-proclaimed holistic health and nutrition coach, who says she ditched traditional products for the cow fat. She says, “Beef tallow is the only thing I put on my face as skincare,” she says in a clip with over 309-thousand views, adding that she’s been using it every day for months and that her skin “absolutely loves it.”

But before you try it, know that dermatologists say you’re better off sticking with products that were designed for your face. Dr. Muneeb Shah, known to his 18 million TikTok followers as the “Derm Doctor,” explains that tallow is high in oleic acid, which can cause more skin irritation than plant oils that are high in linoleic acid, which is preferred by dermatologists.

  • He also cautions those who are curious about tallow that despite what others may claim, it’s likely to clog pores because it’s heavy and thick.
  • And to anyone who prefers clean and cruelty-free beauty products, tallow is far from it.

Source: NY Post

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