Women Tell Us The Beauty Standards They Most Hate

There are just some beauty standards that we’re surrounded by that are just totally unattainable and unrealistic. Redditor u/moneynah was clearly feeling this and asked fellow women Redditors “What beauty standard has affected you the most?” People got super real in their responses.

  • "That women have to fight against aging, and we need to maintain our young appearance at whatever cost."
  • "That women have to be skinny to be pretty."
  • "That women are expected to have no body hair."
  • "That my nose will never be the little button nose that women are 'supposed' to have."
  • "The expectation that long and straight hair is the goal for every girl. Curls are 'inferior,' and short hair also. I'm still so insecure about my hair. Constantly. I wore extensions for years, and they were weighing down my roots and causing damage."
  • "That stretch marks are bad. I’ve never been super comfortable in a bathing suit."
  • "The concept that any eating is bad eating, or that women shouldn't eat in public except for, like, super dainty salads or something. Eating 'real food' or anything remotely messy is 'unladylike.' I swear, if one more person says something along the lines of 'a moment on the lips, forever on the hips...'"
  • "Having long slender legs. I’m 5' and have little stubs."

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Source: Reddit

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