This Flight Calculator Finds The Best Trip Using Your Tax Refund

Now that Tax Day has come and gone, people will be waiting for their refunds and thinking about what to do with the money. A new tool from Kayak wants to help them figure out how to spend it on a vacation.

The travel search engine’s Tax Refund Trip Calculator lets users put in the amount they’re getting back from the IRS and then finds flights they can afford.

  • After entering the amount of the refund, Kayak directs them to a map with destinations and prices.
  • From there, travelers can choose the type of trip they want, like a beach vacay or a family theme park trip.
  • Users can also narrow down the options by putting in a date range and other details.

So far, the average tax refund amount this year has been $2,910, according to statistics from the Internal Revenue Service as of March 31st. And that would be enough to take some pretty great trips, as Kayak says the average four-day trip within the U.S. runs about $14-hundred for flights and hotels.

Source: Travel and Leisure

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